If you have a desire to serve the Lord full-time in Alaska, AVM would love for you to become part of our ever-growing ministry team. The need for village workers and teachers at our Bible school is increasing. For more information about becoming a career missionary with Alaska Village Missions continue to read through our site or contact us and we will send you an Initial Inquiry Packet.

Church Planters
Over 100 villages in remote Alaska have no evangelical church. AVM is fully committed to planting Bible-based, life giving, long lasting churches in these villages.    Church planting is never an easy task, but those whom God calls He also equips. If you have a heart for evangelism and the ability to form long lasting relationships, church planting is an impactful option for you and your family.

Many young churches start out with a small body of believers meeting in local homes or community centers.  As the church grows, native leadership needs to be trained and equipped to run a successful church. Once the church is well established, a physical church building will need to be built and dedicated to the Lord’s service.

If you are willing to take the adventure of a life time and blaze a trail into the spiritual darkness of remote Alaska, contact AVM for our current needs.

Village Pastors
Many native villages have a church body or even a church building that sits empty. Can you see yourself pastoring a remote people and bringing a message of hope from the scriptures? If God has gifted you with the ability to follow Him completely, love others and make disciples for Christ, then plenty of villages are praying for a person just like you.

Christian counseling and the discipling of new believers is a critical and much needed aspect of any village ministry. In times of need, despair or even tragedy you will be called upon to comfort and encourage. Training and equipping indigenous church leadership will also need to be on the top of your priority list as you seek to build a self-sustaining, long lasting village church.

Bible Instructors
Do you have a passion for teaching God’s word? Are you a trained teacher or Biblical scholar? Do you want to make an eternal impact in the lives of the students that attend Alaska Bible Institute? The need for teachers with a heart for discipleship and a deep love of God is growing in our Bible school ministry.

During summer breaks, you will also have an opportunity to teach in our village churches, lead short-term mission teams and help with building projects on our Bible college campus and at our village churches.  Alaska Bible Institute is integrating discipleship and missions, come get involved and see God at work!

Village Helpers
Village pastors and church planters are always in need of a helping hand. There is plenty to do and improve in a small church. Maybe you could teach Sunday school, lead worship, start a prayer ministry or lead youth services. If you feel called to Alaska and are not yet qualified as a pastor, this viable position may be just right for you. Valuable experience can be gained while you make an impact for Jesus Christ.

School Teachers
Certified school teachers have access to many villages that are not open to the Gospel message. Teaching jobs are abundantly available in the isolated villages of Alaska. As you teach and live a Christian life you will build valuable relationships with the children and their families. This experience could open up the opportunity for house churches and for the introduction of a pastor. In many cases a wife can teach while a husband plants and grows a church body.  AVM will be glad to assist you and support you in this awesome opportunity.

Medical Professionals
Another great way to establish relationships and a church in many villages is through the medical professions.    Are you a nurse, doctor, dentist or other medical professional with a heart to reach the unreached? If this idea excites you, AVM would love to talk with you about the opportunities that are available. Just like a school teacher, you would enter the village as a worker but in your free time you would have opportunities to establish a church body. In addition to being a medical professional, you could also be a missionary with AVM. We would train you in cross-cultural communication and help you establish a support team and prayer partners. You would not be alone, AVM would assist you in every way possible.

Ministry Internships
College students studying to be missionaries, pastors and Christian workers are eligible for our Ministry Internship Program. There is no better way to spend your summer vacation than ministering alongside full-time missionaries in the villages of Alaska. Through our “Pathway to Missions” program at Alaska Bible Institute, students can take part in mission work by completing a 3-12 month internship. If you are considering full-time ministry in Alaska, an internship is a practical step in the education process.

If you are interested in long-term service with AVM, please feel free to contact us.